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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Holiday Grub

Good evening Oggi’s fans! I’m finalizing the next Seasonal Menu for Oggi’s… The theme is Holidays and will be available from November 1st-December 31st. Why not offer some holiday fare that only comes around once a year? So… I want to know, what’s your favorite holiday dish? The holidays bring great food and celebration. I believe everyone has a holiday dish that’s near and dear to their heart because of the memories it brings, and the special place the aroma, taste, and experience has in your heart… I know you have the ONE dish. So help me by sharing your favorite so the Oggi’s team can make some holiday memories for our wonderful customers

Mine is… Hands down my Dad’s Christmas Eve Prime Rib. J Granted it’s not exactly holiday fare but I look forward to my Papa’s Prime Rib every year, enjoy smelling the aroma in the air while watching football with the boys, helping him finish the meal, watching him carve the Prime with juices running out, and him smiling when he cuts into a perfect medium-rare masterpiece. Merry Missmiss Pops!

Coming up in December on Chef Katie’s Blog… Preparing for Christmas Eve- A simple and detailed recipe to make the perfect Prime Rib… Shall I say a masterpiece? I did learn from the best. But next is still… White Chicken Chili J

Until next time…

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